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  • Lisa Skriver
    ‘Saturday Church’ earns fans through teen’s self-discovery

    Cherry blossoms represent overwhelming beauty, the fleeting nature of life, and the feminine yet powerful.    In “Saturday Church,” cherry blossoms help tell the story of a young African-American’s budding journey of discovering their sexuality and gender identity.    The plot of “Saturday Church” helps illustrate the symbolism of these beautiful flowers, which comes mainly from Asian cultures and how cherry trees bloom and then fall off within a short time. This film is the latest installment of Pride at FilmScene, coming Monday, May 20, with a 6 p.m. screening at FilmScene, 118 E. College St., Iowa City.    Ulysses (Luka Kain) begins the film grieving the death of their military father, with a mother who works extra shifts to make ends meet. +

  • Decorah Pride celebrates its second year this weekend
  • CBD oil and cannabis in Iowa: the basics

    With laws about cannabis and CBD changing fast in Iowa, in nearby states and at the federal level, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with what’s legal and what’s not, truth and fiction surrounding CBD and cannabis, and +

  • Opinions from Readers

    Re. “Being Black in ‘Progressive’ Iowa City” (Latisha McDaniel Grife, December 2018) Hi, I moved out of Iowa to Western Washington a few years ago, but want to share an experience I had out your way. I went to college +

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  • Ox Fotheringham
    Communication, honesty are key to healthy polyamory

    Polyamory, open relationships, and non-monogamy are popular fads — and terrifying concepts. Not many people want their partner to interact romantically, intimately, or sexually with another person.     In fact, the thought of that might generate in you a feeling of palpable dread. Your stomach might tighten; you might throw up. It’s not a bad thing.         These physical reactions and the affiliated emotions are certainly not comfortable. But if you’re ready and interested, these moments can be beneficial and invigorating for your relationship.         Not sold yet? I know. But keep reading. You’ll see that each relationship has the potential to be healthy and non-monogamous if desired.     But first, some +

  • The many sides of furries

    Remember the 2016 Disney movie “Zootopia”?  Those cute anthropomorphic characters captured our hearts and taught us valuable lessons of tolerance and determination.     For many, this was also an introduction to Furries.     Furries are everywhere, and they +

  • Explore outlying Iowa’s progressive gems