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  • Cheryl Weatherford
    OC Pride drag show survives city censorship

    ORANGE CITY –– In eastern and central Iowa, you can take in a sultry drag show several days a week without worry of any hassle from government officials or conservative activists. But in northwest Iowa’s Orange City, at the 3rd annual OC Pride celebration, city officials censored a headlining drag show, imposing a list of conditions for the performance including +

  • Ox Fotheringham
    Roller derby carves spaces for inclusive strength

    Why did women and gender-fluid people start up to 2,000 roller derby leagues worldwide? We needed it.  I’m writing today about roller derby as a cultural phenomenon, a feminist and “inclusive” place to find like-minded people, showcase our strength, and be aggressive. I have had personal struggles and triumphs over body image, a lack of self-confidence, and an angry fire +

  • Caleb Rainey
    Slam poetry in Iowa born 19 years ago

    In the documentary, “Louder Than a Bomb,” a poet takes the stage and says “poets, breathe now.” Though I wasn’t a poet yet when I saw the film, I held my breath and then released it with him. In that electrifying and powerful moment, I breathed life into a poem for the first time. I felt the poetry begin to +

  • Christine Hawes
    Artist helps fuel political awakening in SW Iowa

    How do progressives reach out to southwest Iowa considered the most conservative? Visual art is one way that's working, and Cait Irwin is leading the charge. +

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  • QUEERIES by Varla: How to reach my queer crush


    Help me Varla! I have a crush and I don’t know if she is queer or non-monogamous.  Apprehensively,  Hot to trot Dear Hot to Trot,  Sounds like you have been consumed by desire. The basis of any great relationship, or +

  • LGBTQ health care leader offers spiritual salve, too

    Katie Imborek

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Most people know of Dr. Katie Imborek through her work helping to found the University of Iowa’s LGBTQ Clinic. Imborek is also an active member of Sanctuary Community Church, a non-denominational Coralville church leading the way in LGBTQ +

  • Hey Varla: how to keep it “hot”


    “I am not an expert. Just a kinky ol’ polyamorous, pansexual, lesbian entrepreneur who’s been around the block and is more experienced in the art of makin’ whoopi and wooing potential lovers than most. No question is too weird or +

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  • Christine Hawes
    Why stay in Iowa if you identify as progressive? Here’s why

    When I first moved back to Iowa in late December 2016, I left behind Florida’s 88-degree weather and endlessly green lawns to plunge into Iowa’s deep winter chill and tip-toe on its ice-covered sidewalks. A stream of  “why in the +

  • Christine Hawes
    Landmarks October 2019: News About TRM Advertisers

    Check out “Trick or Trivia,” a benefit for the Emma Goldman Clinic, coming Oct. 27. It’s a night of trivia, games, prizes food and fun at The Mill, 120 E. Burlington Ave. Admission is $5 per person and benefits the +

  • Christine Hawes
    You might be a Trump enabler if ….

    Trump’s real power is actually rooted in something much more universal, pervasive and preventable than any of the “isms.” It’s rooted in bad relationshipping. Which is epidemic. +

  • Varla
    LGBTQ dating when you’re not ‘gay’ enough

    Hey Varla! I have a problem that I’ve been dealing with … forever, really. I’m a REALLY feminine girl. And I’m also REALLY gay. It makes dating hard because only guys flirt with me, and if I try to flirt +

  • Christine Hawes
    Full Bodied Experience taps into Fairfield’s “beatnik” vibe

    You could say that Fairfield will experience a a gentle form of Vegas touch Friday evening. Through Full-Bodied Experience, a live art/networking event, two former Las Vegas residents who now call Fairfield home will join forces with local live model +

  • Christine Hawes
    Sports gambling may be slippery slope

    Here’s some information  that will become more important now that Iowa has legalized sports gambling: Sports wagerers in Iowa are almost twice as likely as other gamblers to become “at-risk” gamblers, the latest results of an annual study shows. Almost +