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  • Becca Hathaway
    Ames’ rainbow crosswalks are more than a symbol

    "I am so honored to call Ames my hometown, and touched by its latest commitment to be an inclusive community." +

  • Christine Hawes
    OC Pride, coming this weekend, thrives and overcomes

    Three years into Orange City Pride, this LGBTQ community in northwest Iowa has already endured a book-burning, picketers, brazen Republican-led attacks on those being open about being LGBTQ, the need to change venues, an ad campaign against it,and veiled condemnation from the head of the local Christian college. But Orange City Pride has also earned a beloved award honoring its +

  • Christine Hawes
    Davenport-based FB group aims for decriminalization

    Decriminalize Davenport is a growing Facebook page devoted to decriminalizing cannabis in the city of Davenport ( It is largely inspired by the unique situation of the Quad Cities, a metropolitan area consisting of five cities. With three of the Quad Cities located in Illinois where cannabis will become fully legal on Jan. 1, and two of the Quad Cities +

  • Christine Hawes
    ‘Queers and Queens’ tarot deck captures LGBTQ diversity

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  • ‘I’ve had it.’ Standing up against assault culture

    Cheryl Weatherford

    I’ve recently awoken to the reality that growing up and now living in Iowa City, I have been walking on eggshells for decades. And now, with this column as part of my transformation, I’m ready to stop. +

  • A treasure trove of arts/crafts upcycling

    Christine Hawes

    With just a quick glance, “my late grandmother’s disorganized attic” or “a great episode of Pickers” might be your first impression of The Create Exchange. But a closer look at this Cedar Rapids store shows a masterful system built to +

  • Board games offer lessons of life, inclusiveness

    Abby Schwartz

    Walking into the game room of Mayhem Collectibles, in Clive, can be a surreal experience. There are people sitting at tables throughout the room playing games of all kinds. Games about building the best suburb, games about discovering underwater kingdoms, +

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