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  • Cheryl Weatherford
    Cassandra Justine brings adventure, diversity to Fields of Yogis

    Fields of Yogis, coming Aug. 23-25, aims to help yoga be accessible to everyone, regardless of physical shape or condition, spirituality, or experience level. Cassandra Justine is a practitioner based in Chicago who combines Reiki, sound healing, yoga and meditation. She fielded questions from Assistant Editor Cheryl Weatherford. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. What is a book that deeply influenced your practice and life’s work? “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. The way that she speaks to the power of positive affirmations has helped me move through challenging times. Inspired by her work and how it has supported my healing path, I guide others through meditations utilizing positive affirmations and often use positive affirmations +

  • On the anniversary of Woodstock, a look back at Camp Euforia 2019

    “The sunsets here are some of my favorite,” texts a friend before I head to the last night of Camp Euforia near Lone Tree, Iowa. My car was all set in the back, and I had my bag of nuts +

  • Yogis who defy stereotypes share their joy

        Fields of Yogis is coming Aug. 23-25, and this year, the festival’s message is, yoga is for everyone. Check out Lindsey Flannery’s look at some yoga practitioners who defy the stereotype she describes below, and how this ancient +

  • Photo collection illustrates “All Bodies Belong” in yoga

    The”All Bodies Belong” series is intended to showcase “real, everyday bodies, and the stories they tell.” “The images highlight all different shapes, skin colors, abilities, backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, looks,” writes Sarah Driscoll, leader of the project. The project featured Heidi +

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  • Christine Hawes
    Former Iowa City resident seeks help after four-car accident

    Ox Fotheringham made an impact during their six years in Iowa City before moving to Providence, Rhode Island, last year. Now, Fotheringham and their partner are asking their former community of Iowa City, and their new one in Rhode Island, for help after being squished in the middle of a four-carepile-up earlier this month. Fotheringham, former sponsor coordinator for the Old Capitol City Roller Derby team, and their partner Corey were sitting at a red light Aug. 3 when they were struck from behind by a car that had been rear-ended. The impact also sent their car into the rear end of the vehicle sitting in front of them at the red light. The accident happened a few weeks before +

  • Camp E’s community spirit impresses HHG

    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, one of the best-known bands at this year’s Camp Euforia, consists of five “bluegrass mavericks,” friends who began creating music in 2013. This Stevens Point, Wis., band has since blown up, selling out shows and playing +

  • Say ‘No’ to Nasty

    The angry, curse-driven phrase jumped out during Howard Schultz’s announcement he was considering a run for president. “You egotistical billionaire asshole,” shouted a man, chiding Schultz for possibly contributing to a future Trump victory. I admit, it was a little +