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  • Caleb Rainey
    Teens “shatter the silence” with spoken word

    DES MOINES — In a world where many of us are still ignored, a group of talented high school poets in Des Moines turned to spoken word as a way to shatter the silence. They take the stage in hopes to share the stories they’ve kept secret, or to shed light on those struggles their loved ones face. Influenced by different art forms and cultures, each of them brings a unique style; and through harnessing the power of spoken word, they find their own home and growth. Youth Speaks is a 20-year-old organization that created Brave New Voices, an international poetry slam network for youth poets. The network connects more than 500 young poets around the world and gathers them +

  • Tips for raising a transgender child

    “When I grow up, I want to be a girl.” Genevieve Carter (not her real name) is, in many ways, a typical nine-year-old  third-grader. She loves gymnastics and math, and is the embodiment of childhood enthusiasm. Her thick brown hair +

  • QC Pride rebounds with weeklong celebration starting Saturday

     QC Pride is coming back strong after flooding forced its annual Pride celebration to be rescheduled.     A week of fun is scheduled for June 22 to 28, with a parade, family skate day, movie, cruise, bar crawl, and +

  • Pride continues in Fairfield, Burlington, Quad Cities and more

    Here’s our latest update of Pride events remaining throughout Iowa and the Midwest! New to the list: June 21 and June 30 Pride events in Iowa City, and a new Queer Pride Takeover at The Depot Brewery in Fairfield! Take +

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  • Latisha McDaniel Grife
    ‘Celebrate the activist:’ Stonewall’s message

    With the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising will be plenty of articles, tributes, and retrospects on the movement for LGBTQ rights and liberation. As a bisexual black woman, this time of year is a reminder of how our history continues to be white/cis-washed, and how much of the work so far has been beneficial to a few. Acts of violence against trans women of color are still on the rise. The medical and mental needs of the bi/pan/queer community continue to be ignored or not taken seriously. Attacks on won rights like open military service, adoption, and marriage remain targets of the current administration. And recently, state governments are doing everything in their power to control +

  • ‘Saturday Church’ earns fans through teen’s self-discovery

    Cherry blossoms represent overwhelming beauty, the fleeting nature of life, and the feminine yet powerful.    In “Saturday Church,” cherry blossoms help tell the story of a young African-American’s budding journey of discovering their sexuality and gender identity.    The plot of +

  • Communication, honesty are key to healthy polyamory

    Polyamory, open relationships, and non-monogamy are popular fads — and terrifying concepts. Not many people want their partner to interact romantically, intimately, or sexually with another person.     In fact, the thought of that might generate in you a +