Advertiser Dashboard

Choose ANY step in ANY sequence to find the tool you need. Or, if you’re new, follow them 1 through 10. Whatever works for YOU!

step 1 choose ad package Max Quality

Choose from three levels. Event and Series Ads, and Partnerships, are also available.

step 2 consider top line Max Quality

Choose from five top-line, standing ad locations on a rotating basis, if you’d like. You can also request another specific location for your ad.

step 3 payment checkout Max Quality

Choose monthly debit, or pre-payment for greater savings. Your selections in Steps 1 and 2 will automatically lead you here. Bypass if you’re just submitting ad graphics and info.

step 4 submit ad info Max Quality

Upload your pre-designed square ads. Or, upload the logo, images and directions we need to create your ad for you.

step 5 submit trm ticket Max Quality

Offer a special discount or coupon exclusive to TRM readers, to help your ad gain appeal and build a loyal following.

step 6 list merchplace Max Quality

Publicize your own direct online sales portal, or utilize TRM’s portal and benefit our BIPOC and TGNB Writers’ Funds.

step 7 submit shop with purpose Max Quality

Showcase how or what you’re doing for others, so that readers can support your efforts.

step 8 earn referral bonus Max Quality

You receive three months of the Minimum-Level Ad Package for every new advertiser you refer for a Mid-Level Ad Package or above.

step 9 submit your news Max Quality

TRM advertisers receive first priority in Community Briefs. Keep us posted about your new products, services, awards, honors, conferences you attend, promotions, positions available, or other developments.

step 10 submit event Max Quality

TRM advertisers’ events receive first priority on the Events calendar. For now, please use the News Submission form for your event.

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