Journey to nonbinary

Hide and mask.  I was in fifth grade and had to catch the bus in 20 minutes. My choices for attire that day were laid out on my bed: either black gym shorts, or slightly shinier black basketball shorts. My shirt choices were all at least one size too big.  Sometimes, the other kids would ask, “Why do you wear boys’ clothes?”  I didn’t have an answer. They whispered, and sometimes spat at me, that I was the “fat tomboy.”  These sounded like dirty words.  I adapted. High school was…

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Pro baseball: sexism institutionalized

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To this day, people still think of softball as a sport for girls (or beer-bellied middle-aged men), and baseball as a sport for boys. Did you know “A League of Their Own” almost wasn’t made, because studios didn’t believe Americans would pay to see a movie about women playing baseball instead of softball? In no other sport are elite athletes told to switch sports due to their perceived gender. It’s comparable to a top tennis player being told to switch to racquetball. This brings us to the Women’s Baseball World…

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‘Howling confidence,’ other lunar topics

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Mark Twain once said, “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side that is never shown to anybody.”  Even if you do not follow your planetary charts, you will see and feel the effects of the lunar cycle. This month, we experience a full moon on Jan. 20, and a lunar eclipse shortly after. With so much cosmic energy to begin this New Year, this is a great time to talk about how we can achieve our dreams. Let’s start with the coming full moon. Whether you’re looking in…

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Community center coming to QC

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DAVENPORT — A new LGBTQ community center in the Quad Cities is moving closer to finding permanent space in Davenport. Clock Inc., previously known as Closet, Inc., seeks to provide a safe haven for both youth and adults in the Quad Cities’ LGBTQ. Founder Chase Norris says he and several others are starting the center because the community “lacks a stable location and environment that has a large variety of resources to support the community.” He noticed the lack of resources when he moved to the area for graduate school and…

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What IS The Real MainStream?

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Remember when you were a kid, and you learned the key conversation technique of “reflecting?” You show mutual understanding in a conversation by either repeating your conversation partner’s words back to them, or paraphrasing them.  “If I’m hearing you correctly, you’re saying ….” Before proceeding, one  “checks in” to make sure they’re picking up the right vibe. The other gives a green, yellow or red light. The goal is green, offered when one knows the other understands. For some of us, this learning came during arguments with siblings or parents…

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Food, fitness, alcohol: transformation

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In 2017, I was living what I thought was my best life. My businesses were fully functioning machines, I was in love with my partner of 6+ years, I had the most amazing pack of dogs — and since I was childless, plenty of extra money to spend on alcohol and dining out. My life was a party, and I friggin’ loved it. Yeah, I was overweight and often tired. But that was the price to pay for drinks and dinners with friends, wasn’t it? I worked hard and deserved…

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