‘Saturday Church’ earns fans through teen’s self-discovery

saturday church 2

Cherry blossoms represent overwhelming beauty, the fleeting nature of life, and the feminine yet powerful. In “Saturday Church,” cherry blossoms help tell the story of a young African-American’s budding journey of discovering their sexuality and gender identity. The plot of “Saturday Church” helps illustrate the symbolism of these beautiful flowers, which comes mainly from Asian cultures and how cherry trees bloom and then fall off within a short time. This film is the latest installment of Pride at FilmScene, coming Monday, May 20, with a 6 p.m. screening at FilmScene,…

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Decorah Pride celebrates its second year this weekend

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Amalia Vagts could hardly contain her joy today at the signs of Pride adorning her hometown of Decorah as it prepares for Saturday’s second annual Pride parade and festival. “We have 40 Pride flags hanging up on our main street this morning, and it’s absolutely stunning,” she said. Decorah Pride takes place tomorrow with a parade, community gathering, dance party, and all-ages trivia night. Organizers expect at least 800 people to attend and emphasize allies are equally welcome. “The chance to have visual excitement and support and affirmation is so…

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