Why stay in Iowa if you identify as progressive? Here’s why

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IOWA CITY, IA — When I first moved back to Iowa in late December 2016, I left behind Florida’s 88-degree weather and endlessly green lawns to plunge into Iowa’s deep winter chill and tip-toe on its ice-covered sidewalks. A stream of “why in the world would you do that” had started a few months before from those who learned of my planned move, and splashed me anew here in Iowa every time I shared my recent move. Just the other day, I heard the comment again from an out-of-state visitor.…

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VegFest coming to Coralville Nov. 9

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Animal rights advocate Jenny Brown may have grown up in Kentucky, but her background is identical to that of many Iowans. Brown was raised by a conservative fundamentalist family surrounded by farm animals — much like many residents of Iowa, which is the country’s largest producer of eggs and of pigs for slaughter; the sixth-largest producer of turkeys for slaughter; the 10th-largest producer of cows for slaughter; and the 12th-largest producer of milk. Her loss of a leg to bone cancer, and her resulting bond with animals during recovery, convinced…

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‘Queers and Queens’ tarot deck captures LGBTQ diversity

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As a self-described “dark-haired olive-skinned, queer kid,” Aerin Black felt they stood out among friends while growing up in Washington, Iowa. As an adult, Black began to identify as nonbinary and as a witch and tarot practitioner, and stood out even more. Moving from Washington to Kalona, they still feel conspicuous, even in liberal Iowa City. Yet, they choose to stay in small-town Iowa. “I’m very much the type of person who believes that I’m where I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there,” they say. “And I’ve…

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Landmarks October 2019: News About TRM Advertisers

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Check out “Trick or Trivia,” a benefit for the Emma Goldman Clinic, coming Oct. 27. It’s a night of trivia, games, prizes food and fun at The Mill, 120 E. Burlington Ave. Admission is $5 per person and benefits the Emma Goldman Clinic’s services of sexual, mental, and reproductive health. Shakespeare’s Pub & Grill at 819 S. 1st Ave. has expanded its menu with items including the vegan Impossible Burger. This favorite bar/restaurant/live music/events venue will also hold a Halloween Karaoke Party 9 p.m. Sat., Nov. 2. Go to www.shakespearespubandgrill.com…

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Hopes dashed: the downside of AmeriCorps VISTA program

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For many recent college graduates like me, the endless cycle of job applications and lack of experience can engulf you in an overwhelming state of depression. You can feel desperate to crawl out of an underpaid black hole. At a certain point, any opportunity sounds promising. An option you’re likely to encounter is AmeriCorps. This program touts itself as an opportunity to serve your community. I chose AmeriCorps, moved by its outreach. But instead of serving my community, I experienced one of the hardest, most infuriating, and simply awful years…

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OC Pride, coming this weekend, thrives and overcomes

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Three years into Orange City Pride, this LGBTQ community in northwest Iowa has already endured a book-burning, picketers, brazen Republican-led attacks on those being open about being LGBTQ, the need to change venues, an ad campaign against it,and veiled condemnation from the head of the local Christian college. But Orange City Pride has also earned a beloved award honoring its LGBTQ+ leadership, increased support from even conservative residents who are honoring the third annual Pride celebration, a welcoming venue to which it relocated its Sunday brunch, and justice served to…

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Davenport-based FB group aims for decriminalization

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Decriminalize Davenport is a growing Facebook page devoted to decriminalizing cannabis in the city of Davenport (www.facebook.com/weeddport). It is largely inspired by the unique situation of the Quad Cities, a metropolitan area consisting of five cities. With three of the Quad Cities located in Illinois where cannabis will become fully legal on Jan. 1, and two of the Quad Cities located in Iowa where cannabis remains illegal, Decriminalize Davenport fills an essential role of keeping its community informed on how the two drastically different laws interact with each other, and…

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