Board games offer lessons of life, inclusiveness

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Walking into the game room of Mayhem Collectibles, in Clive, can be a surreal experience. There are people sitting at tables throughout the room playing games of all kinds. Games about building the best suburb, games about discovering underwater kingdoms, even games about lying to your friends face to sneak contraband past the Sheriff of Nottingham. This is one of my favorite places, for the same reason as so many others: it’s relaxing and fun. “I have major social anxieties when it comes to interacting with strangers … But gaming…

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LGBTQ dating when you’re not ‘gay’ enough

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Hey Varla! I have a problem that I’ve been dealing with … forever, really. I’m a REALLY feminine girl. And I’m also REALLY gay. It makes dating hard because only guys flirt with me, and if I try to flirt with other girls they think I’m joking around, actually straight and just experimenting, or they don’t believe me that I’m a lesbian. I don’t know how to get it out there. Every time I go to an LGBTQ+ event, I cover myself in rainbows and smile at butch lesbians. And…

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Full Bodied Experience taps into Fairfield’s “beatnik” vibe

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You could say that Fairfield will experience a a gentle form of Vegas touch Friday evening. Through Full-Bodied Experience, a live art/networking event, two former Las Vegas residents who now call Fairfield home will join forces with local live model artist Kesryth. While Fairfield residents and business personalities network and converse, Kesryth will complete a full oil painting portrait, “alla prima.” The term means “at once” in Italian and involves an artist applying layers of paint upon other layers not yet dried. It’s a technique used by Claude Monet, Michelangelo…

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Sports gambling may be slippery slope

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Here’s some information that will become more important now that Iowa has legalized sports gambling: Sports wagerers in Iowa are almost twice as likely as other gamblers to become “at-risk” gamblers, the latest results of an annual study shows. Almost all of them are also already doing another kind of gambling. Furthermore … even before sports gambling was legalized Aug. 1, 20 percent of sports wagerers in Iowa were already participating in another form of sports gambling. “Whether it’s pick-up games at the court, or skins on the golf course,…

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Support United Action for Youth tomorrow — from home or on your bike

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United Action for Youth is working to spread word: you can still show your support during Sunday’s Ride 4 Youth without going out in the rain! “Virtual riders” are welcome and encouraged for the 7th Annual Ride 4 Youth, says Mickey Hampton, development director for the youth nonprofit. “You can support the event tomorrow from the comfort of your own home,” she said. “And, you can register the actual day of the event.” United Action for Youth (UAY) holds its biking fundraiser every year, and the event is supposed to…

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TRM Landmarks: September 2019

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Stay up to date with this monthly collection of news briefs about The Real MainStream advertisers! Additional space and products are part of Corner Store Apothecary’s new expansion.Their CBD, hemp oil and alternative products store at is now about twice as large. Corner Store, at 1612 C St. in Cedar Rapids’ Czech Village, carries natural healing and health products including bulk tea, spices and powders; salves and lotions; handmade jewelry; and natural personal and pet products. The store is operated by the Loeffler family, the state’s leaders in CBD advocacy.…

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Everyday People Say What unites artists for two shows this week

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Everyday People Say What, one of Iowa City’s most respected jazz/soul bands, will gather its largest group of collaborative musicians yet, in two shows this week. Tonight at Trumpet Blossom Cafe, EDPSW plays before Hadiza, a former Iowa Citian who now lives and tours from Kansas City. EDPSW’s two founding members, saxophonist Mary Reasoner and percussionist Adrienne L. Woodard, will be joined by outgoing bass player Ben Alston, plus six other spoken word artists, singer/songwriters, and rappers. This Saturday, the same six artists plus two more in the soul/jazz/blues realm…

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Englert, FilmScene collab builds on diversity

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The Englert Theatre was doing what it’s always done, collaborating with other community entities, when it learned a key fact about Iowa City. The “other community entity” was the university, which had conducted a demographics study. The pivotal fact was the high concentration of Sudanese residents in Iowa City: 5 percent of the population, actually. Katie Roche, Englert’s director, realized people of color generally did not feel welcome in Iowa City’s arts community. So she sought more programming relevant to Sudanese people and other people of color. She sought out…

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‘Celebrate the activist:’ Stonewall’s message

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With the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising will be plenty of articles, tributes, and retrospects on the movement for LGBTQ rights and liberation. As a bisexual black woman, this time of year is a reminder of how our history continues to be white/cis-washed, and how much of the work so far has been beneficial to a few. Acts of violence against trans women of color are still on the rise. The medical and mental needs of the bi/pan/queer community continue to be ignored or not taken…

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REVIEW: In “Wild Nights,” Molly Shannon brings shades of SNL’s Mary Katherine Gallagher to Dickinson


The hilarious image of SNL’s Mary Katherine Gallagher will forever be what I see first, when I see actress Molly Shannon. The character of an over-eager Catholic schoolgirl trying dramatically and desperately to be the best she can be, at whatever she tries, eventually smashing into something nearby in a swirl of over-emotion expressed in a movie (or made-for-TV movie) scene, is dear to me, as it is for many Gen Xers who were SNL addicts during the Molly Shannon era of the late 1990s. I see glimpses of Mary…

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