BIPOC Writers Fund

You’re invited to support The Real MainStream’s commitment to hold space for the voices, perspectives and works of Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color. 

Purpose of the BIPOC Writers Fund

  • Prioritize the involvement of BIPOC people in creating The Real MainStream;
  • Break historic patterns of white-run entities utilizing the services of BIPOC people without compensation;
  • Provide meaningful part-time earning opportunities for BIPOC communities; and
  • Help nurture BIPOC journalists of the future through experiential training in advocacy journalism.

Supporters of the fund will receive a monthly summary of pieces published/writers compensated, and results of those published pieces. All supporters of the BIPOC Writers Fund can choose their level and frequency of donation, and can choose between staying anonymous and a listing on the TRM website as a BIPOC Writers Fund Supporter. If you let us, we’ll publicly thank you repeatedly.

Monthly BIPOC Writers Fund Contribution
N/month until cancelled
Bi-monthly BIPOC Writers Fund Contribution
N every 2 months until cancelled
Quarterly BIPOC Writers Fund Contribution
N every 2 months until cancelled
One-time BIPOC Writers Fund Contribution
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