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  • WHAT: Saturday Afternoon Bingo
  • WHERE: The Blazing Saddle, 416 E. 5th St., Des Moines
  • WHO: A packed house featuring a crowd of attendees playing bingo, watching TV, or hanging out. The weekly bingo events raise money for charity.
  • WHEN: June 26, 2021
  • WHAT ELSE IS COMING UP THERE: Bingo today (starting 2 p.m.) and every Saturday; Gear Night for Iowa Leather Weekend tonight; The Graveyard drag show Sunday.
blazing saddle 1
A table of friends enjoy a packed Bingo on Sat., June 26. The Blazing Saddle holds Bingo for charity every Saturday, starting at 2 p.m.
blazing saddle 8
Bartender Eric serves a large and diverse crowd at The Blazing Saddle’s Bingo Sat., June 26.
blazing saddle 12
A group of women at The Blazing Saddle’s recent Bingo gathering take time out from the game, their drinks and pizza for a group pic.
blazing saddle 2 1
Robert xxxx, owner of The Blazing Saddle, sits in his traditional seat at the bar.
blazing saddle 11
Bingo brings smiles to crowds every Saturday at The Blazing Saddle in Des Moines.
blazing saddle 6
Players focus on the game!
blazing saddle 4
Some folks attend just for the ambience, even if they’re not playing bingo.
blazing saddle 15jpg
Robert Eikleberry, owner of The Blazing Saddle, and friend Greg Ross chat outside the front of The Blazing Saddle.
blazing saddle 3
The emcee calls out Bingo numbers on a microphone during The Blazing Saddle’s weekly Bingo fun, every Saturday afternoon.
blazing saddle 5
Eikleberry and patrons watch their bingo cards and the TV during a recent Saturday afternoon charity game.
blazing saddle 9
A patron enjoys bingo, and shark glasses, at The Blazing Saddle on a recent Saturday afternoon.
blazing saddle 17
Eric, one of The Blazing Saddle’s bartenders, serves a busy crowd during a recent Saturday afternoon.

(This photo gallery is part of Long Live Community, an ongoing showcase of community gatherings and events at LGBTQ-affirming, intersectional and progressive events and venues throughout Iowa and Illinois. Photos in this gallery are by Christine Hawes, Editor; we welcome submissions of photo collections from attendees, organizers or performers! Click here or use the button below.)

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