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If you’re looking to “let go” or have a feeling of meditative serenity, the crystal healing bed I experienced this month is not the way to go.

But if you’re seeking to bridge gaps of mind, body and soul, I strongly recommend the crystal healing bed offered by ReAlive Metaphysical in Cedar Rapids. 

I had the privilege of personally experiencing the bed thanks to an invitation from owner Korrina Dawson, who obtained the bed about a month ago and believes it is the only functioning crystal healing bed in Iowa.

Before arriving at ReAlive,  I had no expectations. I let myself open completely to this new experience, in a space that was different than the comfort of my own altar.


After stepping into the crystal healing bed’s space, I noticed posters on the walls featuring religious symbology from an image of  trees, Chinese symbols, and Hinduism.  Directly next to the bed is a piece prominently displayed by the  American visionary artist Alex Grey, a spiritual leader who paints life-sized reflections from his work with LSD.

The bed itself looks like a cushy massage bed with an infrared heated mat that Korrina explained was filled with amethyst, a stone commonly used for protection, intuition and as a conductor of heat. This amplification helps the mat’s warmth to penetrate five to six inches into the body. 

Suspended above the bed are Vogel crystals, all cut and charged to certain frequencies to work on all seven chakras. They were aligned with color therapy associated with each energy wheel.  I laid down on the bed, and received a weighted eye mask and sound-cancelling headphones providing “Brain-Sync music frequency to align the right and left brain,” according to the bed’s manufacturer, Stellarwaves.

I found the music to be a bit kitschy, rather than your classic crashing of waves or tonal frequencies of relaxation. At first, it distracted me from getting into a state of Nirvana that I’m accustomed to when I meditate.

My musician brain picked out the overly familiar tunes, while I also fed my ego with the knowledge of where the predictable music would go next. Such is my life.

At first, as I struggled with this music dilemma, I was so aware of my current surroundings, my brain would NOT give up all the worries I brought with me that morning to the people involved and my list of to-dos. I could not stop being aware of the clicking of the lights being suspended 12 inches from my body, and feeling the physical bodies around me.  

But as I breathed deeply and went through my chakra system, my buzzing brain relaxed. Meanwhile, my right side began to feel nearly detached, as though pummeled into a pulp of overuse, nearly falling off the side of the plushy bed.

I found this curious, in light of yoga philosophy, which tells us the right side of the body is viewed as the masculine. It’s ruled by the god Shatki, and is the source of our ideas. Our left side is of Shiva, the feminine, who guides us gently to ignite our passion.

While being comforted by the light energy, I also began to sense in a very physical way areas where my body had energy blocks. Yogis, crystal healers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other alternative healers believe these energy blocks are areas where the body holds fear and tension.

These blocks can lead to health problems or physical pain. I later realized the sharp, healing drive of the crystal’s energy, and the areas where I felt those energy blocks the strongest, were directly associated with the stories swirling in my brain.


  The effects of the crystal healing bed lasted for days. I felt as though energy blocks continued to dissolve, the same ones that “panged” under the healing frequencies. Childhood memories crept up, vivid dreams arose, and I experienced better communication.

On their webpage, Stellarwaves also states using a crystal healing bed may lead to:

  • • A feeling of increased energy and vitality
  • • A feeling of relaxation, rejuvenation, and peacefulness
  • • A sense of reduced stress and anxiety and lowered tension in the body
  • • A deeper spiritual understanding of yourself, and your life’s situations
  • • The release of unconscious behaviors
  • • A sense of physical healing
  • • A feeling of greater insight into future paths

During my session, I envisioned myself as a beam of light. This enabled me to recognize who was clinging to my consciousness the hardest. One by one, I was able to let them go, as though I was prying children off of my legs. I set each of them on a cloud of forgiveness and a wish for self-love. 

In the lights shining above me, I felt as though my heart grew. It helped to focus on my breath. The mat’s warmth helped me ascend from the worry into having an open heart chakra.

I look forward to my next experience with the crystal healing bed and recommend choosing this service if you are new to the world of meditation and crystal healing.   Whether you will tune into a life-changing event is unknown and up to your spiritual path.

But the crystal healing bed is a safe way to try and access both the female and male sides of the body, and to engage your mind, body and soul at once.

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Author Cheryl Weatherford owns Chereal Designs, a custom jewelry design boutique in Iowa City, and studies metaphysical spirituality in her spare time.