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OMAHA — Erotic stimulation through electricity sounds a little “scary” at first, says Bill Dudley, an experienced practitioner who presents workshops regularly..

“Any time you mention electricity people get a little bit nervous and rightfully so,” says Dudley, who will present a workshop on electro-sex during Sash Bash March 7. “But what we’re talking about here are implements and toys that have been specifically made for use on the human body – and more specifically with an erotic bent in mind.”

Dudley says many tools in the “kink” world are adaptations of medical devices — and electro-sex tools are among them. Neuro-stimulation through electrical current is an accepted element of physical therapy .

Electro-sex takes the concept of using electrical current to create or relax muscle contractions, and adapts it to the intimacy of mental, physical or sexual interaction. Dudley’s workshop will focus on the two general forms of electro-sex: TENS units that transmit current using “sticky pads” like one might have placed on their body during a rehab session, and the “violet wand,” which conducts current through attachments.

TENS units are actually widely available in drugstores everywhere; violet wands and controllable units can cost up to $500.

Safety reigns in electro-sexafety: chiefly, never place any sticky pads above your waist. Never send an electrical current across your torso or heart. Consent and clear understandings of safe words and other precautions are seential. So is cleanliness — and moist skin. Dry skin is actually less of a conductor.


Dudley said he actually discovered the joy of electronic currents when he visited his chiropractor for a sore back. Once he discovered how it can enhance an intimate experience, he made it part of his regular repertoire though he still considers it a “special” experience.

“One of the great things about both of these is they are both very adjustable in terms of the intensity,” Dudley said. “You can start at a very soft and approachable level, for anyone brand new. At a low setting, it feels more like a massage. Then from there,  you can progress and find what your level of tolerance is.”

Dudley estimates about 10 percent of the kink community uses electro-sex. The majority, he guesses, are more into “impact play” where an element of pain is involved. “Those more interested in the bondage side of things, or domination and submission but not necessarily flogging and caning, can also enjoy this.”

Tips for Safe Electro-Sex (courtesy of

• Don’t try it if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or have epilepsy.

• Don’t place electrodes across your chest, or at any point above your waist.

• Use only tools that are made specifically for e-stimulation.

• Don’t apply electrodes to broken or irritated skin.


• Don’t use piercings as electrodes.

• Remove all body piercings and jewelry before engaging.

• Drink lots of water before the session.