Iowa City’s WOB rises to challenges of COVID-19, historic bicycling interest

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IOWA CITY — Here and there, silver linings exist during the COVID-19 crisis — and one of those is a burst in bicycling interest across the United States so strong it’s made worldwide news. For Iowa City’s World of Bikes, this phenomenon has meant historic sales levels, more workers who are asked to work less, and getting creative about keeping up with the never-ending demand while staying safe. WOB, for instance, created an outdoor sales kiosk and even now only lets customers inside under limited, controlled circumstances with new disinfection…

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Team Indigenous educates through roller derby

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The inclusive, empowering sport of roller derby is becoming a vehicle for indigenous women to speak out and make a difference. The nationwide Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby, originally formed in 2018, announced its new team in April. Team Indigenous includes 25 people players from throughout North America who descend from indigenous cultures worldwide. Players right now hail from not only Iowa City, but also Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Alabama; Calgary and Edmonton in Canada; and British Columbia.  America’s Navajo, Odawa and Dene people; New Zealand’s Maori people; and…

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Sugar detox: a necessary struggle

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It’s pure. It’s white. It’s deadly. No, I’m not talking about Iowa’s recent polar vortex — or cocaine. I’m talking about a product that has become a pervasive household good, stocked in nearly every kitchen in the US, causing obesity, cancer, dementia, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, acne, infertility and impotence.  I’m talking about sugar. Most of us consume way too much sugar: 57 pounds of added sugar per year, according to the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). That’s almost 17 teaspoons, or more than 70 grams, per…

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Wanted: women’s rugby players, volunteers, fans

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One of the things Rachael Dunahoo loves the most about rugby is a phrase you’ll often hear players saying to each other as they work their way down the field. “I got you.” It’s a phrase that embodies the team camaraderie and focus on a united goal that makes rugby so appealing to Dunahoo and others starting a new women’s rugby club. Dunahoo, along with Jenna Adams, is leading the new Iowa City Women’s Rugby Club. Their goal is to revive rugby throughout the Corridor for adult female players. The…

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Food, fitness, alcohol: transformation

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In 2017, I was living what I thought was my best life. My businesses were fully functioning machines, I was in love with my partner of 6+ years, I had the most amazing pack of dogs — and since I was childless, plenty of extra money to spend on alcohol and dining out. My life was a party, and I friggin’ loved it. Yeah, I was overweight and often tired. But that was the price to pay for drinks and dinners with friends, wasn’t it? I worked hard and deserved…

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