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Ox Fotheringham made an impact during their six years in Iowa City before moving to Providence, Rhode Island, last year.

Now, Fotheringham and their partner are asking their former community of Iowa City, and their new one in Rhode Island, for help after being squished in the middle of a four-carepile-up earlier this month.

Fotheringham, former sponsor coordinator for the Old Capitol City Roller Derby team, and their partner Corey were sitting at a red light Aug. 3 when they were struck from behind by a car that had been rear-ended.

The impact also sent their car into the rear end of the vehicle sitting in front of them at the red light. The accident happened a few weeks before Fotheringham, 25, is to leave their job at Americorps, and a few days before Corey, 22, was to start a new job.

Now, with their car totaled and doctor visits increasing along with expenses, the couple has started a Fundly page to help raise money. Tanzi, who was experiencing seizures daily, received a second concussion after having a seizure in the shower Aug. 19. The couple are asking the community for help in paying for food, utilities, rent, a replacement vehicle and other basic living expenses while they recover from the ongoing ramifications of the accident.

In addition to seizures, memory loss, brain fog, and ongoing pain, the two are needing to see specialists for their head injuries following the accident. Though Fotheringham is not facing their partner’s struggles with seizures, they are wary of the accident’s ramifications because they are still recovering from a diagnosed concussion received last fall during a roller derby match.


Fotheringham, who is also a columnist for The Real MainStream, is a University of Iowa graduate known to the community through not only their roller derby post, but also as a clerk at John’s Grocery for six years.

“We’re feeling frustrated,” they said. “The emotional trauma has almost been worse than the physical trauma.”

The two have also turned to family for help. Click here to donate to Fotheringham and Tanzi.