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Iowa’s book ban halted: Labelling an Iowa book ban law “incredibly broad” and “unlikely to satisfy the First Amendment under any standard of scrutiny,” a federal judge halted the ban Friday, reports the Daily Beast. Judge Stephen Lochner ruled that the law signed into effect in May violates the Fourteenth Amendment that guarantees due process and leaves the state of Iowa with “unfettered discretion” to remove books from schools.

Ohio’s Republican governor vetoes his state’s GOP-led transgender youth care ban: Mike DeWine annoucced Friday that while he agrees with legislative concerns including restricting pop-up clinics and the need for more rules to protect children, he agreed with parents who had told him losing access to this care could be “deadly” to their children. Read WLTW‘s coverage here.

NRA will have to answer for accusation of malfeasance in New York: A historic case against the NRA, undertaken by New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2020, received the green light to proceed this week from a five-judge panel, reports Truthout. James’ charges, which contend abuse of donor funds by the group’s leaders, are backed by “ample evidence of malfeasance,” the panel determined.

HIV testing in emergency rooms is almost non-existent: Only 1 percent of people who visited America’s emergency rooms in 2019 and 2020 were tested for HIV, according to a new study. Poz Magazine reports the the percentage is low even though federal health recommendations call for “opt-out screening” (testing unless you refuse) in health care settings.

(photo credit: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine courtesy of Jason H. Salley through WikiMedia Commons, and a display of books banned in 2007, courtesy Flickr)