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DAVENPORT — A new LGBTQ community center in the Quad Cities is moving closer to finding permanent space in Davenport.

Clock Inc., previously known as Closet, Inc., seeks to provide a safe haven for both youth and adults in the Quad Cities’ LGBTQ.

Founder Chase Norris says he and several others are starting the center because the community “lacks a stable location and environment that has a large variety of resources to support the community.”

He noticed the lack of resources when he moved to the area for graduate school and met with multiple counseling groups. A female-to-male transgender person who grew up in a small homogeneous Illinois town, Norris  felt uniquely qualified to make a difference in the Quad Cities.

The Center will offer adult and youth counseling, clothing drives, a library, and an enhanced space for people to express themselves with a complete support system to help them. Clock, Inc., will also reach beyond support and counseling for the LGBTQ community with educational groups for business professionals.

To support Clock Inc., contact Norris at 309-202-7165.