New “Long Live Community!” showcases events, performers, audiences and organizers

long live community cover

What’s a great way to honor and inspire community? Showing other communities in action!

Long Live Community! is The Real Mainstream‘s new section devoted to pics and videos of intersectional, LGBTQ-affirming and progressive community events across Iowa and Illinois. Our first photo packages are from Davenport, Iowa City and Sioux City in Iowa, and Belleville, Buffalo Grove and Moline in Illinois. Take a peek at the event of your pick:

In this new feature, you can submit pics and video of events you attended. You can submit pics and video of events you organized. When possible, The Real Mainstream will come to your event and gather pics to honor your efforts, and those of the people who attended your event. But most of the time, we’ll need your help to keep the pictures flowing.

Please join us in celebrating and memorializing YOUR community efforts by using our new tool to Share Community Event Photos.

While you’re at it, grab a sneak peek at the other new reader-interactive features awaiting you at the Readers Corner!

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