The gay agenda: “unicorns” and open communication (AOQC)

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Dear AOQC, What exactly is the gay agenda, and should I be frightened?  — Worried Straight Gal in Des Moines Dear Worried Straight, Oh boy, am I tired of answering this one! What a stupid … er, silly … question! We Queer Folk are a community, but that community is made up of individuals, with their own brains and such. I promise, Gay Scouts Honor! We all want different things, and truly, the only thing we can ALL agree on is that we all want equality. Not just for us,…

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About the missing $30,000: why I had to write it

Why I Had to Write About $30,000 Missing from Iowa City Pride

I wrote one of the hardest stories I’ve ever had to write, earlier this week. It was a piece about $30,000 in donations to a revered LGBTQ+ Pride organization that is “unaccounted for.” I wrote it as a freelance writer for another publication, but an angry social media poster dragged The Real Mainstream into the public controversy by dredging up a three-year-old blog I wrote after my own tumultuous departure from Iowa City Pride. The angry poster insinuated I had “bias” and was attacking the Pride group for my own…

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