White Male Fear: Problem & Solutions (Letter to the Editor)

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To the Editor: Our country and our community has a White Male Fear Problem. Not all, but too many, white males think this country belongs to them: it doesn’t. They think men are superior to women: they aren’t. They think the problems in our communities are due to minorities: the problems in our communities are due to systemic racism and oppression of the poor (which includes, ironically, poor white males). They think – no, the problem really is that they don’t think: they merely judge from a position in our…

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Opinions from Readers


Re. “Being Black in ‘Progressive’ Iowa City” (Latisha McDaniel Grife, December 2018) Hi, I moved out of Iowa to Western Washington a few years ago, but want to share an experience I had out your way. I went to college in Mt. Vernon in the late 1990s. Going to be up front, I am white. However, our college had a club, at the time they called it BACO (Black American College Organisation.) The club’s name was changed since I graduated. I am not sure what it is now. A few…

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