QUAD CITIES — Talk about coming back strong: The Quad Cities area enjoyed the first full return of Pride since COVID with four large events and many smaller ones.

This year’s burst of Pride happenings coincides with a nationwide burst, especially among smaller communities, noted by USA Today and other publications. We wrote about the burst in small-town Pride, too, while also helping to preview some of the area’s largest events, including Iowa City Pride (which had record-setting attendance of 13,000 this year), and CR Pride (which celebrated its 30th anniversary throughout June, and in July).

Meanwhile, the next round of Pride events are now just weeks or months away, including:

As you take a moment to enjoy this look back at Pride 2022 in the Quad Cities, consider the three groups that helped to coordinate these events. All of them have worked hard for years throughout the Quad Cities and beyond to ensure LGBTQ+ people feel safe and welcome in their communities.

Now, on to the photos, which depict:

  • Pride at Bass Street Landing.(June 18, coordinated by The Project of the Quad Cities, a nonprofit organization serving 40 counties around the Iowa and Illinois border)
  • QC Unity Pride Parade (also June 18, coordinate by the nonprofit QC Unity Pride)
  • Pride 5K (June 12, also coordinated by TPQC), and
  • Quad Cities Pride Festival (June 3-4, coordinated by the private Quad Cities Pride Festivals, which also coordinates Quad Cities Fall Pride)

.Watch The Real Mainstream‘s calendar for Pride events and more. To submit your event, turn to our simplified “Submit Your Event” form. Contact The Real Mainstream at 319-777-9839 or reachus@therealmainstream.com with any questions.

Pride at Bass Landing 2
DeAnn Weeks, Chelsey Lee, Kelsey Jackson, Lauren Claus and Charmaine Clark enjoy Pride at Bass Street Landing.
pride at bass landing 3
A packed courtyard turned out for Pride at Bass Landing in Moline.
pride at bass landing 4
“Rainbow sisters” at Pride at Bass Street Landing
pride at bass landing 5
A full courtyard enjoyed the music of Been There Done That and a night of drag performers at Pride at Bass Landing.
pride at bass landing 6
Mona Ritemon (left), Dominique Zaire, and Amber Dennison pose for a smile at Pride at Bass Street Landing.
pride at bass landing 7
Face-painted youngsters chat while the band Been There Done That performs at Pride at Bass Landing.
qc unity pride parade 2
James Forturo smiles with his infant daughter while watching the parade.
qc unity pride parade 1
A family enjoys the parade, with T-shirts that help convey the message of acceptance.
qc unity pride parade 8
Keith Newman drives a truck escorting performers at Varieties Nightclub
qc unity pride parade 6
Members of Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities in Davenport join in the parade.
tee lashore
Tee LeShoure, organizer of the QC Unity Pride Parade, smiles while driving.
qc unity pride parade 3
Moline’s Hope United Church of Christ participated in the parade, held for the first time ever in Moline.
qc unity pride parade 5
Teens deck out in colors for the QC Unity Pride Parade.
rainbow shirts at quad cities pridefest
More smiles during Pride at Bass Street Landing.
pride 5k 8
Running Wild represented at the Pride 5K.
pride 5k 10
Former state representative candidate Thurgood Brooks, far right, takes a moment with fellow runners to smile after the Pride 5K.
pride 5k 2
More happy runners pose for a pic at the Pride 5K.
pride 5k 3
Runners, and more runners, for the Pride 5K Run/Walk/Roll.
pride 5k 5
Lots of young families participated in the Pride 5K Run/Walk/Rolll.
pride 5k 7
A couple enjoys snow-cones after putting in the hard work at the Pride 5K.
pride 5k 4
Another young family took a moment to pose for fun pics after the Pride 5K Run/Walk/Roll.
tyler mitchell and viminda shafer
Tyler Mitchell (left) and Viminda Shafer coordinated both the Pride 5K and the Pride at Bass Landing events.
Pride at Bass Landing 1
Staff and volunteers at The Project of the Quad Cities, who put on the Pride 5K and Pride at Bass Landing, take a moment to smile.
pride 5k 9
Members of Free Mom Hugs-Quad Cities were among the groups represented at Pride at Bass Street Landing.
pride 5k 6
Teens and kids enjoyed a break in the rain and live music after the Pride 5K.
rainbow dress at quad cities pridefest
Dressing for the occasion at Pride Fest.
whittons creations at quad cities pridefest
Whitton’s Creations joined the Pride Fest vendor group.
rainbow vendor at quad cities pridefest
One of many vendors at the Pride Fest smiles for the camera.
woman owned business at quad cities pridefest
More vendors at Quad Cities Pride Fest.
jessica and daughter at quad cities pridefest
Jessica and her daughter KK enjoy Pride Fest, for the second year in a row.
lions den at quad cities pridefest
The Lion’s Den, at Pride Fest.
friends at Quad Cities PrideFest
Smiling friends take a moment to chill during Pride Fest.
heather tucker at quad cities pridefest
Heather Tucker of Hairazors chats with a couple at Pride Fest.
artsy bookworm
The Artsy Bookworm table was busy during Pride Fest.
city line vet at quad cities pridefest
City Line Vet of Rock Island was among the vendors at Pride Fest.
alisabeth von presley at quad cities pridefest 1
Alisabeth Von Presley and one of her dancers strike a pose on the Quad Cities Pride Fest stage.
invisible cartoons at quad cities pridefest 2
The full Invisible Cartoons band.
invisible cartoons at quad cities pridefest
Invisible Cartoons lead singer Chris Shern and bassist Ryan Worthy bust some moves during the band’s set at Pride Fest.
andrew glasscock and jane tiedge
Andrew Glasscock and Jane Tiedge, co-coordinators of Quad Cities Pride Fest.
thurgood brooks at quad cities pridefest
Thurgood Brooks also participated in the Quad Cites Pride Fest.
uucqc at quad cities pridefest
The table at the Unitarian Universalist Association of the Quad Cities was filled with smiles and rainbows.
steven holter at lsa
Steven Holter traveled to the Quad Cities from Iowa City to help spread word about the Lambda Softball Association of Eastern Iowa.
Quad Cities Affirming Diversity participated in Pride Fest.
beascout.org at quad cities pridefest
The Scouting Association represented at Pride Fest.
clock inc at quad cities pridefest
Clock Inc. employees and volunteers were among more than 50 vendors at Quad Cities Pride Fest.
broadway pride at quad cities pridefest
Broadway Pride of Rock Island joined in the Pride Fest.
mccqc at quad cities pridefest
Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities hosted a booth at both Pride events.
quad cities pridefest volunteers
A group of volunteers tending to the front gate at Quad Cities Pride Fest takes a moment to smile.
andrew glasscock and friends
Andrew Glasscock (center), organizer of Quad Cities Pride Festivals, smiles with friends.