Affirmation of the Unknown: “I Am”

i am

“The thought of everything society expects from the ‘American Dream’ hit me. There are all these expectations that our generation almost can’t meet — or that we don’t want to meet because we see that there could be a better way to live, a different way. So I examined life from the perspective of ‘the little things.’ ” — Jackie Duden “I Am” by Jaclyn Duden I am the question left in the bleachers after all the right plays took us nowhere. I am drifting somewhere in between “I’m proud of you.”…

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Fairfield artist strives to honor all creative efforts

mia story reader creations

FAIRFIELD, IA — “Art is the first brush stroke on a blank canvas.” This all-encompassing nod to the value of all creativity is a key theme for Mia Story, a professional artist based in Fairfield whose work includes painting, poetry, graphic design and sculpture. With a style she self-describes as “gravitating toward realistic fantasy,” Story says her family had “subverted artistic tendencies until I came along.” After studying art and English in college and graduate school, Story says, she became a fully-devoted artist. (article continues below image) “Mermaids, faeries, goddesses…

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Poetry: Mount Pleasant activist ponders true meaning of respect

respect brighter

“Often, people try to control discussion through a single word. It sounds logical, until we take a deeper look.” Bob Mueller wrote his poem, “Respect,” to challenge a word oft-repeated, and sometimes exploited. Bob helped found the new Mount Pleasant PFLAG chapter and is active in Iowa Welcomes its Immigrant Neighbors (WINS). He retired to Mount Pleasant, just east of Iowa City, from Chicago’s surburbs, where he lived for more than 26 years with his late partner, Todd. “Respect” by Bob Mueller Respect can come in many forms. And in…

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Coralville mom captures the emotion of her teen’s gender transition with “He”

transgender continuum trim scaled

“Basically, I am a gay mom who is also raising a 13-year-old trans guy. Being the parent of a trans kid is a unique experience, but seeing your child bloom into exactly the person they were meant to be is one of the most rewarding things any parent can witness. There are so many highs and lows, and it’s a massive learning curve. But I wouldn’t trade my guy for anyone.  “A lot of people have questions about parenting a trans kid and have a hard time imagining what they…

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