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CEDAR RAPIDS — A new home for ReAlive Metaphysical means more space inside and outside for a safer shopping experience, says owner Korrina Dawson.

The longtime metaphysical store now has 2,300 square feet and is part of a storefront parking lot with more than 20 spaces. ReAlive was forced to relocate when the August derecho destroyed the roof of its Marion location. Its new location on Cedar Rapids’ southwest side is pulling strong business, Dawson says.

ReAlive Metaphysical new location front
The new location at 3800 Wilson Ave. SW in Cedar Rapids provides more than 20 parking spaces.

Before relocating, ReAlive had to close for about six weeks while it figured out if the old location could be salvaged, and then looked for a new spot, Dawson said.

The search was “a bit like being Goldilocks.” Dawson said, because she needed a spot that wasn’t too big, or too small. After finding her “just right” store, Dawson and supporters had to lay down 2,300 square feet of carpet and paint the entire room, too.

ReAlive new interior before renovation
This is what ReAlive Metaphysical’s 2,300-square foot new interior in Cedar Rapids looked like before new carpet and painting.

Though she was sad to leave her quaint location in downtown Marion, Dawson said the new spot holds many advantages, including being more accessible to more people. The renovation was a team effort, with one regular customer in particular laying most of the carpet. Many more customers responded to Dawson’s call for new slogans.

“We came, we saw, we went, we rebuilt.” Dawson said.


ReAlive carries a broad array of metaphysical items, ranging from tarot cards to crystals to spiritual symbols, candles and more. ReAlive also hosts regular meditation, reiki and other forms of healing and group sessions.

Old building e1606669472245
The August derecho destroyed the roof of ReAlive’s former home in Marion.

ReAlive first relocated Sept. 21. It continues to offer classes both online and in-store classes, paying close attention to COVID-19 control measures like masks, distancing, and limited capacity. For more information about ReAlive, see its listing here in The Real MainStream Ad Directory, where you can find links to all of ReAlive’s digital platforms.

(Christine Hawes contributed to this report)