Front-lines teacher raised in Iowa remembers few childhood chances to meet, know People of Color

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At a time when straight white men are leading so many fights against diversity, some straight white men are fighting the good fight. They include Kent Mick, a Grinnell High School history teacher who grew up in Humboldt, Ia., and has taught public schools in Iowa for most of his life. Mick knows from personal experience that being a native Iowan can mean little to no experience interacting with People of Color, even today. He recalls “barely being exposed to People of Color” as a child and teen, and said…

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Memories of One Iowa’s “You Be You”

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When U of I grad James Year first took these photos in April 2019, TRM was running thousands of printed copies all around Iowa. We never got around to posting this stunning collection online. I knew we would return to celebrate them one day. And here we are, at a time in history when finally it feels like something other than torture to remind ourselves of the joy of gathering. One Iowa’s “You Be You” show was groundbreaking in so many ways. It symbolized the potential of a connected eastern…

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