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To the Editor:

It is very unfortunate that the Johnson County Board of Supervisors continues to provide taxpayer money to fund the Johnson County Fair, even though it continues to include a kids’ rodeo. They call it a family rodeo, but it consists of children participating in events that include mutton busting, junior bull riding and calf scramble.

The animals forced to participate  are physically and emotionally stressed.

Many are terrified. Why let this happen? Shouldn’t we  be teaching children to have respect, compassion and empathy for animals?

Instead, they are learning that it is ok to terrorize animals for entertainment.

Here is the truth about rodeo from an expert: Stop the Rodeo. (

The money the JCAA ( Johnson county Agricultural Association) receives is not segregated. They are not supposed to use it for the kids’ rodeo, but the truth is that they use it for anything they want. There is little to no accountability. They will be receiving $89,400 of taxpayer money for 2022, even though they received a $75,000 grant from the CARES Act.

If you don’t agree with this use of your taxes, please contact the Johnson County Board of Supervisors and voice your opinion:


Thank you.

Lynn Gallagher, Solon

(cover photo is of a protest organized by Gallagher and others in early 2019)