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Bolingbrook Pride Saturday features animal rescue, transgender closet, kids’ fun, more

BOLINGBROOK, ILL. — Yes, you can celebrate Pride Saturday in Bolingbrook.

You can also help support an animal rescue group finding homes for dogs from puppy mills. Or participate in a mass marriage equality ceremony. Or enjoy Bolingbrook’s Welcome Wall featuring 27 different languages.

Read about what’s happening Saturday at the Pride event taking place in Bolingbrook, the third-most diverse suburb of Chicago.

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We Love Strays & Gays shirts by the Humane Society are back by popular demand

DAVENPORT — In response to public demand, the Humane Society of Scott County in the Quad Cities is reopening for its “We Love Strays & Gays” shirts, first introduced during Pride Month.

The shirt sales help fund the shelter’s needs at a time when shelters nationwide are overloaded and short on resources, staff, space and funding.

In addition, half of all sales go to the Clock Inc. LGBT Community Center in Rock Island, which serves all of the Quad Cities and neighboring counties.

Proceeds from the shirt sales are divided between the Humane Society, and Clock Inc. LGBT Community Center.

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Overloaded like animal shelters nationwide, Scott County humane society holds drag show benefit

DAVENPORT — Through its “Drag for Dogs” fundraiser Friday, and a shirt sales campaign, the Humane Society of Scott County is melding its fundraising during critical times with support for the Quad Cities’ LGBTQ community.

The fundraisers come at a time when shelters nationwide are overwhelmed with dogs and cats, struggling to find needed foster families and permanent homes, and overall euthanizing more animals.

Shelter Animals Count, a nonprofit that tries to track animal shelters nationwide, says the rate of euthanasia has increased nationwide for the first time in years. So has the gap between animals taken in by shelters, and released to adoption or foster families.

Read about how to support the Humane Society of Scott County and other animal shelters, whether through Friday’s Drag for Dogs benefit or 11 other steps you can take.

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A second Sunday protest event, fundraising for pet welfare, DBQ Pride Family Picnic, MCC fun, and more

There are now two big protest events happening in Des Moines Sunday, starting at 12:30. Read more about the March on Iowa for LGBTQ Rights and the Rally to Resist.

You can also check out this weekend’s annual Beadology Iowa tradition, Voices of the Stones, happening today and Sunday.

Coming up soon, explore a couple of events at Davenport’s MCC of the Quad Cities, and a supper-time “carry-out” fundraiser for companion animals in Cedar Rapids.

And finally, Dubuque announces its June 3 Pride Family Picnic and Block Party. It’s all in TRM’s Eastern Iowa Weekly Update.

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“The Way of Water” is stunning, important and helps redeem the original “Avatar”

Like many, Aime Wichtendahl was initially a skeptic about “The Way of Water,” James Cameron’s massive and much-anticipated sequel to the original “Avatar” film.

But after taking in the three-hour film, Wichtendahl is a fan of the new “Avatar 2” and gained a renewed appreciation of the original “Avatar” released in 2009.

“James Cameron is trying to help us learn. By tapping into the universal nostalgia we all feel – that once there was a time everything was perfect before someone screwed it up – he’s trying to tell us something. He’s trying to wake us up to how we’re impacting the world around us. ‘The Way of Water’ illustrates that despite our best efforts, humanity remains incapable of change.“

Read Wichtendahl’s review of this blockbuster film here.

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