Leash on Life steps up support during coronavirus crisis

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IOWA CITY and NORTH LIBERTY — Leash on Life has given back to its communities for 15 years through donations to animal shelters throughout Johnson County. But when the coronavirus crisis hit, it was a “whole new beast,” says owner Laurie Smith. So Leash on Life stepped up its volunteer efforts: it began donating and transporting pet food to not just animal shelters, but also human food pantries, throughout Johnson County. Customers began volunteering to buy bags of pet food for those in need, and have been responsible for the…

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Deer Friends press to end mass killings

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Amid all the huge issues facing society, a tradition of mass killing has become par for the course. For the second year in a row, Iowa City will be the site of a mass deer killing starting Oct. 1 and continuing through Jan. 1, 2021. Last year, the en masse massacre took place with sharp-shooting guns. This year, it will happen with hunting bows. Truth is, both measures of deer control are ineffective in the mid- to long-term, reek of casual animal cruelty, and present challenges of safety. Read in…

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TNR takes off throughout Iowa


There’s a common scene Chris Whitmore encounters as animal control coordinator for Iowa City. A family, often from a rural homestead or tiny town, brings in a six-week-old kitten to the shelter for adoption. “Where’s the mother?” Whitmore or her staff will ask. “We don’t know where she went,” they’ll answer. “Well, would you like to try to live-trap her so she can be spayed?” they’re asked. “No, not really,” is usually their answer. “And they just keep the cycle going of bringing kittens in to us year after year,”…

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No to animals as entertainment, say protestors

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Animal rights activist Lynn Gallagher and a small group of eastern Iowa residents continue to make a difference on behalf of animals in captivity, battling both the Johnson County Rodeo and several circuses that take place in Cedar Rapids. More specifically, Lynn Gallagher is opposed to some key practices at these “animals as entertainment” traditions: Calf roping, especially at youth rodeos Elephant riding – a practice that is supposed to be banned statewide but that some county fairs continued. They included the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, which just ended…

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Help the fight against puppy mills, animal cruelty

Iowa puppy mills

Bills to better protect animals from cruelty, and to ensure dog breeders are licensed and regulated, need the vocal support of voters to their elected officials, says a group devoted to protecting companion animals. Iowa Voters for Companion Animals seeks to end Iowa’s “puppy mill problem” and will hold a Lobby Day Feb. 20 to inspire support. Today is the last day to register for Humane Lobby Day Feb. 20, coordinated by Iowa Voters for Companion Animals. Cost is $20. Register here. “(Our current representatives) not only have the power,…

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