Move more police funds to social services, decriminalize cannabis: top choices to lessen police brutality in new “Break the Binary” poll (TRM Blog)

stop police brutality

Our new “Break the Binary” poll is designed to improve public discourse by countering binary thinking along with its scary step-sibling, triangulation. Read about results of our first pilot poll; participate in the new one.

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Misguided anti-meth bill has regressive, anti-art, anti-business impacts

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Add yet another Republican-driven, over-reaching, and misinformed piece of legislation to the Iowa Legislature’s list of bad ideas this year: a 40 percent tax on glass pipes, plus several more increased costs and licensures. Proposed under the guise of slowing the damage of highly addictive methamphetamine, the bill if passed would instead hurt hundreds of small businesses across the state, opponents say. They predict it would drive out the glass art industry altogether, and further marginalize Iowa in the budding cannabis industry as states around Iowa move toward embracing the…

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Iowa City protesters issue 15 demands

police brutality scaled

The protesters who have been standing off with the Iowa City Police Department and Iowa State Patrol last week have presented a list of 15 demands that extend beyond those two agencies to at least four other government entities. Now known as the Iowa Freedom Riders, the group that repeatedly converged on Interstate 80 last week is asking through its Instagram account for legal and policy changes that go beyond ending police brutality. The demands extend into how the School Board is elected, how students air grievances, city budgeting decisions,…

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“Pass that virtual blunt!”

rainbowfingers bigger

Those of us old enough to remember “Pass that virtual blunt” on our flip phones probably have also participated in 4/20 in many ways: perhaps going over to a combustion connoisseur’s house, or using acrylic gas mask bongs, or passing around ornate glass pieces, or rolling up whether or not it could smoke. Growing up in Iowa, 4/20 was a day of driving around back roads, visiting nature, and gathering in groups.  Today, as we all adjust to the coronavirus crisis, celebrating 4/20 needs to be more solitary — and…

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Waldo’s Forever Fest, Pride events among the Illinois and Iowa events adjusting to coronavirus crisis

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Saturday’s Waldo’s Forever Fest in Chicago is one of the biggest events to adjust this month to the coronavirus crisis by going online or rescheduling. Waldo’s Forever Fest will actually be doing both, converting its planned street festival this Saturday to an online event featuring musical performers, drag performers, cooking, glass-blowing and neon bending. Use hashtag #420inplace. “We believe cannabis brings people together, and that’s exactly what we’ll do,” organizers Dispensary33 said to Block Club Chicago. The actual street festival has been rescheduled for Sept. 26 and will take place…

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Davenport-based FB group aims for decriminalization

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Decriminalize Davenport is a growing Facebook page devoted to decriminalizing cannabis in the city of Davenport ( It is largely inspired by the unique situation of the Quad Cities, a metropolitan area consisting of five cities. With three of the Quad Cities located in Illinois where cannabis will become fully legal on Jan. 1, and two of the Quad Cities located in Iowa where cannabis remains illegal, Decriminalize Davenport fills an essential role of keeping its community informed on how the two drastically different laws interact with each other, and…

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Opportunities lost if Iowa misses the green wave

medical cannabis

Weed, wacky tobaccie, dope, green … or maybe cannabis. For many, legalized or decriminalized marijuana harkens images of 1993’s Richard Linklater classic “Dazed and Confused.” Or the devilish dancing and lewdness of 1936’s “Reefer Madness.” Regardless of the generational images you may hold, legal access to marijuana is coming, and soon. Our side-by-side sister, Illinois, goes fully legal this coming January 1. California and Colorado led the way, and now, Illinois is the 11th state to legalize marijuana. This means access to marijuana will change for many, and for the…

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CBD oil and cannabis in Iowa: the basics


With laws about cannabis and CBD changing fast in Iowa, in nearby states and at the federal level, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with what’s legal and what’s not, truth and fiction surrounding CBD and cannabis, and what to expect coming up. We’ve researched the situation in Iowa — largely with the help of Kymm Loeffler, Iowa’s leader in CBD oil activism along with her husband Pat, for some guiding information on this complicated topic. Kymm and Pat Loeffler travel throughout Iowa and to conventions nationwide offering…

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