New QC Primetime gathering aims to connect ‘mature’ LGBTQ+ adults in the Quad Cities

qc primetime by clock inc 2

ROCK ISLAND — Clock Inc. is both starting something new, and honoring a long-held tradition, with the kick-off of QC PrimeTime for “mature” LGBTQ+ adults in the Quad Cities. Adam Peters, Clock Inc.’s development director, decided to start the group after several older LGBTQ+ people asked him about it. “In my time here, I haven’t gotten so many folks in the door asking this question,” Peters said. “It is clearly needed.” Happening the last Tuesday of each month, QC PrimeTime promises “friendship, activities, support, and personal growth.” Attendees are asked…

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About the missing $30,000: why I had to write it

Why I Had to Write About $30,000 Missing from Iowa City Pride

I wrote one of the hardest stories I’ve ever had to write, earlier this week. It was a piece about $30,000 in donations to a revered LGBTQ+ Pride organization that is “unaccounted for.” I wrote it as a freelance writer for another publication, but an angry social media poster dragged The Real Mainstream into the public controversy by dredging up a three-year-old blog I wrote after my own tumultuous departure from Iowa City Pride. The angry poster insinuated I had “bias” and was attacking the Pride group for my own…

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