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The tattooing is over — but the fundraising has just begun.

Take a look below at the artists from Velvet Lotus Tattoo, hard at work during Friday’s “Tats for Tots” tattoo session. The staff applied 13 tattoos to donors who entered a raffle to not only receive a tattoo, but also donate at least $50 to “Tats for Tots” and the families and children it benefits.

Tats for Tots happens every year at Velvet Lotus; Founded almost eight years ago by social worker Annie Ventullo, the event has been at Velvet Lotus since 2016. Typically, donors receive a tattoo in return for their donation. This year, even after Friday’s tattooing, Velvet Lotus is continuing to raise money for Ventullo’s holiday fund, which is distributed to needy families and children in consultation with other Johnson County social workers, public schools, churches and others familiar with families in need.

Photos are courtesy of the Velvet Lotus Tattoo crew.

The Artists and the Art (Tats for Tots, Nov. 13, 2020)

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