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jay wallerich
Jay Wallerich, of Elizabeth Tate High School in Iowa City, earned third-place in the IC Speak’s Page Poets competition. Enjoy their composition, “I’m Empty Reality.”
"I'm Empty Reality"
by Jay Wallerich

My mind leaks empty reality;
Onto these pages it spills
Freely, Chaotically, Endlessly.
Something profound festers inside but I have no words to work off of.
The madness stays within.

I feel need to explain the process in which my thoughts are growing from
But my tongue is tangled in the weeds
My teeth chipped from rocks,
My lips dry from the dirt.
Words become utterly useless.

What is it called when one's self is overfilling?
Being held above oxygen level, looking down upon earth,
Just close enough to still breath.
This is my reality.
My disconnected neutral.

Man created words to explain such complex feelings
But what if this feeling is purely mundane?
And maybe man created words to be like god.
I'm merely a black hole, absorbing all around me purely Because I can.
Because you can.
Because we all do.