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Please partake of the information in this two-part attempt to close out The Real MainStream‘s commentary and analysis on the topics covered below! It’s been a tough conversation, but one focused (as the “Careless Whispers” blog states) on “a basic ethical principle that is equally good for everyone, including you.” Links provided:


“Iowa City, Put Down Those Pitchforks:” Original Jan. 9 editorial


Also, for broader context about The Real MainStream, here are links to other recent articles about other topics:

“Kindness Queers,” “queerantine kits” provide relief to LGBTQIA youth during pandemic (Jan. 14)

Talking to Iowa’s Small towns: Dr. Kesho Scott’s George Floyd Memorials Resume (Jan. 13)


• Pet Wellness, Patient Health Go Hand in Hand at The Project of the Quad Cities (Jan. 10)

National Expert on Fighting White Power Movement Leads Webinar in the Quad Cities (Dec. 15)

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— Christine Hawes, Managing/Executive Editor