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  • Christine Hawes
    Fairfield store stands proud with LGBTQ Pride, Black Lives Matter message

    FAIRFIELD — A few years ago, Paul Praither saw a headline that wrenched his heart: a teenager that worked for him at Everybody’s Whole Foods, who was undergoing a transition from one gender to another, had chosen to end his life. “He was a really nice kid. I wish he would have said something. I wish I would have said something,” Praither said. The tragedy inspired Praither to lead an LGBTQ renaissance at Everybody’s — +

  • Cedar Rapids models success of the ‘peaceful protest’

    The protests in 1,700-plus American communities since George Floyd’s May 25 murder have ranged from violent, to peaceful, to showy, to subdued. That includes the +

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  • Dawn Frary

    From WTF to illumination: July Tarotscope for the Collective

    WTF?? That’s the impetus for this month’s tarotscope. It conveys frustration, exhaustion, and exasperation. It’s a universal and collective WTF to this year, this country, this society. And it’s more of a statement than a question. The first six months of 2020 were a wake up call for many people. A lot of others chose to remain asleep, but that is a story for another day. Those of us who began to awake saw, for +

  • ‘Some Answers I Give My White Friends”

    Award-winning poet Caleb Rainey helps white allies understand how to authentically support Black Lives Matter. +