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  • Christine Hawes
    The Project aims for health equity in the Quad Cities

    QUAD CITIES – During a recent visit to a local shelter for people experiencing homelessness, staff members of The Project of the Quad Cities (TPQC) encountered a person who tested positive for HIV. Within days, TPQC diagnosed and treated the client, said Tomika Abram, case management program manager. The Project also helped the person sign up for insurance and find +

  • Christine Hawes
    Cedar Rapids Roller Girls aim to support Tanager Place’s LGBTQ Center with Feb. 28 ball

    The team will donate a portion of its proceeds from its 2nd Annual Black & Blue Ball Feb. 28 to the center, which serves about 400 teens a year and aims to serve even more. CEDAR RAPIDS — Two years ago, the Cedar Rapids Roller Girls cancelled an entire season because they were so direly in need of rebuilding their +

  • Staff
    ICE raids inspire new Mount Pleasant PFLAG

    MOUNT PLEASANT — The greatest inspiration for a new PFLAG chapter in Mount Pleasant, a town of less than 8,700, was not an LGBTQ-related incident. Bob Mueller, founder of Mount Pleasant PFLAG, says ICE raids that led to the arrest of 32 people in March 2018 inspired him. “Back in Illinois, the LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights groups often worked together +

  • Christine Hawes
    LGBTQ sports leagues thrive in Des Moines, Iowa City

    Two LGBTQ-identified sports leagues are increasing their presence in central and eastern Iowa, each in their own ways. In central Iowa, the Pride Sports League is seeking to grow this year beyond its outreach of about 900 recreational players in about a half-dozen sports annually, says board chair Tyler Pettit. The League is seeking to reach more deeply into Ames +

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  • Coming out after age 40 today brings unique challenges

    Jason Frerichs

    Coming out is a long and individual process at any age. When you’re coming out after the age of 40, you have a unique set of challenges. You may have a history of being in a heterosexual marriage. You grew +

  • Black History Month events in Iowa, Illinois, top TRM’s Best Bets


    Looking for ways to honor Black History Month? Here’s a rundown of events throughout Iowa and Illinois. You can also find our monthly Best Bets for progressive events in the areas of spirituality, spoken word, personal development, LGBTQ-oriented events, and +

  • Deer Friends press to end mass killings

    Christine Hawes

    IOWA CITY  — They call themselves the Iowa City Deer Friends, and they’re out to change the way Iowa City has chosen to respond to complaints about deer invading people’s yards and living spaces. Formed last year, Deer Friends tried +

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  • Christine Hawes
    Time again to gut-check your unacknowledged Trumpism

    With the Democratic presidential contest heating up, along with Donald Trump’s rhetoric, now is an important time to revisit a difficult truth: we all need to continuously purge ourselves of unacknowledged Trumpism. Trumpism is built around a few key hurtful +

  • Christine Hawes
    LandMarks: January and February 2020

    The Project of the Quad Cities holds its 27th Annual Red Ribbon Gala March 28 at Rhythm City Casino. Early bird tickets for the formal affair are available now for $70. Learn more about The Project’s efforts to combat and +

  • Christine Hawes
    MLK Day events: January 20

    Did you know Illinois was the first state to recognize MLK Day, honoring the civil rights leader assassinated in 1968? Illinois began recognizing the holiday in 1973, 13 years before it became a federal holiday. Iowa began recognizing the special +

  • Christine Hawes
    Tuesday’s “Think Kink” at Blazing Saddle kicks off 2020 Midwest Leather Events

    The year in leather kicks off with two events intended to promote a sense of safety, security, consent, and healthy practices in leather and BDSM. Here’s a start on what’s coming this year in the kink scene: • The Blazing +

  • Cheryl Weatherford
    Yoga, Festivals, Broadway, and Learning: TRM Best Bets, January 2020

    Enjoy The Real MainStream’s monthly “look-ahead” at progressive events happening throughout Iowa. Find special events through early February in the categories of LGBTQ, people of color, women, spirituality, personal development, and being active. LGBTQ Sat., Jan.4-25, Q-munity Yoga, Life-affirming yoga +

  • Caleb Rainey
    Slam poetry in Iowa born 19 years ago

    In the documentary, “Louder Than a Bomb,” a poet takes the stage and says “poets, breathe now.” Though I wasn’t a poet yet when I saw the film, I held my breath and then released it with him. In that +