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  • Guest Writer
    Jay Wallerich: “I’m Empty Reality”

    "I'm Empty Reality" by Jay Wallerich My mind leaks empty reality; Onto these pages it spills Freely, Chaotically, Endlessly. Something profound festers inside but I have no words to work off of. The madness stays within. I feel need to explain the process in which my thoughts are growing from But my tongue is tangled in the weeds My teeth +

  • Aidan Spurgetis: “Out of Sight”

    "Out of Sight" by Aidan Spurgetis He lost the staring contest because the stucco ceiling had too many eyes. He +

  • Nancy Nahra: “The Roar of the Highway”

    The Roar of the Highway by Nancy Nahra The roar of the highway is the song I fight with every +