10 Reasons to Advertise in The Real Mainstream

1. You’re publicized online AND in print.

2. You’re publicized in Illinois AND Iowa.

3. You can find a pricing in TRM that works for you. Just ask.

4. Your presence in TRM communicates that you care about minoritized identities.

5. You help spread word about the nonprofits and service providers TRM covers, which helps your community.

6. You help spread word about the indie artists that TRM covers.

7. You help support the libraries that carry most of TRM’s print copies.

8. You help rural and isolated communities get information they wouldn’t otherwise have.

9. You help Illinois and Iowa learn more about each other, and connect more with each other.

10. You help counter grievance.

Call 309-306-1372, or email reachus@therealmainstream.com

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