Author: Viminda Shafer

Self-care: where does the word come from, what does it really mean, and how can you embrace it?

Self-care isn’t selfish; in fact, it’s essential. And more complicated than just one’s self.

That’s just part of what you’ll read about in this new regular column from Viminda Shafer, community engagement coordinator for The Project of the Quad Cities.

Shafer is a former teacher and modern-day continuous public presence in advocating for the mental, physical and sexual health care provided by TPQC in 20 counties along the Iowa/Illinois border.

In her new column, she’ll offer “thoughts, inspirations, tips, tricks, and resources around not only self-care, but also community care.”

Check out Viminda’s first column here — and start pondering your own self-care questions you’d like her help in answering!

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