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  • Ox Fotheringham
    Roller Derby Lags on Trans, Nonbinary Inclusiveness

    The first-ever gender policy for the organization that helps roller derby grow worldwide came out in 2011. It was clinical, and harsh. If you were not assigned female at birth, the policy said, a healthcare provider had to verify that your “sex hormones are within the medically acceptable range for a female.” Ouch. My most recent article about my love +

  • Christine Hawes
    Escaping domestic violence when LGBTQ can be complicated

    QUAD CITIES — If you’re a gay man trying to escape from domestic violence, your path out can seem almost impossible. “The police may not understand,” says Mona Ritemon, the new LGBTQ domestic violence advocate for the Quad Cities. “If a man gets beat up by his boyfriend, they may just look at him and say, ‘Man up. What’s the +

  • Cheryl Weatherford
    Shelters focus on a good night’s sleep

    Shelters across Iowa are taking different approaches to try and ensure the homeless people they serve are able to get a good night’s sleep and not just food and shelter. In Iowa City, Shelter House is seeking to raise $40,000 to purchase at least 75 higih-quality mattresses likely to last for almost a decade. They’ll be seeking the public’s support +

  • Ox Fotheringham
    Roller derby carves spaces for inclusive strength

    Why did women and gender-fluid people start up to 2,000 roller derby leagues worldwide? We needed it.  I’m writing today about roller derby as a cultural phenomenon, a feminist and “inclusive” place to find like-minded people, showcase our strength, and be aggressive. I have had personal struggles and triumphs over body image, a lack of self-confidence, and an angry fire +

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  • Iowa Safe Schools leads fight against conversion therapy

    Christine Hawes

    DES MOINES – A renewed effort is on to ban conversion therapy in Iowa, and Nate Monson is optimistic that the 2020 legislative session will generate some form of significant progress in outlawing a practice widely regarded as abuse. “This +

  • Proteus celebrates 40 years serving migrant workers

    Becca Hathaway

    DES MOINES — Proteus, a Des Moines-based nonprofit that helps immigrant farmworkers find support to live safely and securely, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Named after the Greek God that transforms to the needs of the people, Proteus +

  • Artist helps fuel political awakening in SW Iowa

    Christine Hawes

    How do progressives reach out to southwest Iowa considered the most conservative? Visual art is one way that's working, and Cait Irwin is leading the charge. +

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  • Christine Hawes
    MLK Day events: January 20

    Did you know Illinois was the first state to recognize MLK Day, honoring the civil rights leader assassinated in 1968? Illinois began recognizing the holiday in 1973, 13 years before it became a federal holiday. Iowa began recognizing the special +

  • Christine Hawes
    Tuesday’s “Think Kink” at Blazing Saddle kicks off 2020 Midwest Leather Events

    The year in leather kicks off with two events intended to promote a sense of safety, security, consent, and healthy practices in leather and BDSM. Here’s a start on what’s coming this year in the kink scene: • The Blazing +

  • Cheryl Weatherford
    Yoga, Festivals, Broadway, and Learning: TRM Best Bets, January 2020

    Enjoy The Real MainStream’s monthly “look-ahead” at progressive events happening throughout Iowa. Find special events through early February in the categories of LGBTQ, people of color, women, spirituality, personal development, and being active. LGBTQ Sat., Jan.4-25, Q-munity Yoga, Life-affirming yoga +

  • Caleb Rainey
    Slam poetry in Iowa born 19 years ago

    In the documentary, “Louder Than a Bomb,” a poet takes the stage and says “poets, breathe now.” Though I wasn’t a poet yet when I saw the film, I held my breath and then released it with him. In that +

  • Christine Hawes
    Why stay in Iowa if you identify as progressive? Here’s why

    When I first moved back to Iowa in late December 2016, I left behind Florida’s 88-degree weather and endlessly green lawns to plunge into Iowa’s deep winter chill and tip-toe on its ice-covered sidewalks. A stream of “why in the +

  • Christine Hawes
    Landmarks October 2019: News About TRM Advertisers

    Check out “Trick or Trivia,” a benefit for the Emma Goldman Clinic, coming Oct. 27. It’s a night of trivia, games, prizes food and fun at The Mill, 120 E. Burlington Ave. Admission is $5 per person and benefits the +