Transgender and Non-binary Writers Fund

You’re invited to support The Real MainStream’s commitment to ensure space for the voices, perspectives and works of transgender and nonbinary people.

  • Prioritize the involvement of transgender/nonbinary people in creating The Real MainStream;
  • Help offset the lack of familiarity that many have with transgender/nonbinary people;
  • Provide meaningful part-time earning opportunities for transgender/nonbinary people; and
  • Help nurture transgender/nonbinary journalists of the future through experiential training in advocacy journalism.

Supporters of the fund will receive a monthly summary of pieces published/writers compensated, and results of those published pieces. All supporters of the BIPOC Writers Fund can choose their level and frequency of donation, and can choose between staying anonymous and a listing on the TRM website as a BIPOC Writers Fund Supporter. If you let us, we’ll publicly thank you repeatedly.

Monthly Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
N/month until cancelled
Bi-monthly Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
N every 2 months until cancelled
Quarterly Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
N every 3 months until cancelled
One-time Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
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