Transgender and Non-binary Writers Fund

You’re invited to support The Real MainStream’s commitment to ensure space for the voices, perspectives and works of transgender and nonbinary people.

This fund is exclusively and specifically to compensate transgender and nonbinary writers for news articles or commentary published in The Real  Our goal is four-fold:

  • • To fulfill authentic intersectionality by prioritizing the involvement of transgender and nonbinary people in creating The Real MainStream;
  • • To help offset the lack of familiarity that many members of the public have with transgender and nonbinary people;
  • • To provide meaningful part-time earning opportunities for transgender and nonbinary people; and
  • • To help nurture and mentor transgender and nonbinary journalists of the future by providing credible on-the-job training in advocacy journalism.

Supporters of the fund will receive a monthly summary of pieces published/writers compensated, and results of those published pieces. 

Currently, writers are compensated at a rate of $25 for non-experienced writers, and $65 for experienced writers. These rates are comparable with modern-day freelance writing rates and will adjust upwards as this new fund becomes stable.

All pieces undergo the same editing and preparation process as other pieces, following best practices and journalism ethics. focused on accuracy. Commentary is edited for grammar, punctuation, structure and clarity; news/feature articles are edited for these qualities plus accuracy, attribution and timeliness.

All supporters of the Transgender/Nonbinary  Writers Fund can also choose to be shared with the public, or remain anonymous. 

To support the Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund, choose from the options below:

Monthly Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
N/month until cancelled
Bi-monthly Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
N every 2 months until cancelled
Quarterly Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution
N every 3 months until cancelled
One-time Transgender/Nonbinary Writers Fund Contribution