TRM Community Fund

Are you looking for a way to support The Real Mainstream, but you’re not a business or group that needs to advertise?

The TRM Community Fund is the way to go. You can donate once, or monthly, or every two months, or other arrangements — at any amount you choose. And every dollar counts.

The Real Mainstream is a grass-roots publication started in December 2018 from literally nothing other than heart, passion, diligence and a few advertisers’ prepayments. Dozens of volunteers or sparsely-paid helpers have given hours, days or months of their time since then to getting TRM started. Even today, our founder works two additional jobs that subsidize The Real Mainstream, which continues to grow, expand and improve even through the pandemic. We are always seeking more efficient, collaborative and resource-saving ways to build community throughout Illinois and Iowa.

In that spirit, TRM welcomes support from readers and community members! In addition, after 18 months of online-only because of COVID, we are reinstating our monthly print edition starting Oct. 1, 2021, with delivery only. Every dollar of your contribution will be put to use on behalf of our mission. Here are some examples:

  • A $150 monthly donation raises enough annually to cover printing and mailing for two to three of our 12 print editions.
  • A $100 monthly donation enables us to ensure weekly help curating the Calendars, so we can find more events, get them up earlier, and do even better helping you find things to do ONLINE AND IN PERSON in Illinois and Iowa.
  • A $50 monthly donation covers the cost to compensate one or two writers and photographers that month.
  • A $25 monthly donation raises enough annually to help us support another one or two groups with sponsorships, or paid ads in their programs.
  • A $10 monthly donation covers most of the gas needed to visit potential advertisers and cover events that month.
  • A $5 monthly donation raises enough annually to cover an ink cartridge and a ream of paper.

Please choose any option below to lend your support. As a TRM Community Supporter, you’ll receive an update at least annually on how your support was put to use, and the things we were able to provide or achieve with your help!

Monthly TRM Contribution
N every 30 days until cancelled
Bi-monthly TRM Contribution
N every 2 months until cancelled
Quarterly TRM Contribution
N every 3 months until cancelled
One-Time TRM Contribution
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