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The United Nations’ Task for Force on Water and Climate just met. Climate change  is messing with the world’s water, and it’s wreaking havoc.

  • Global temperatures in 2023 were 2.43 degrees higher than they were in preindustrial times, changing the behavior of hurricanes and other storms.
  • Twenty-five countries, where 25 percent of the world’s population lives, are experiencing annual “water stress” — meaning they don’t have enough water.
  • Cholera, a potentially deadly disease once under control, is having a comeback: 30 countries had cholera outbreaks in 2022, 145 percent higher than the previous five-year average.

Artificial intelligence is having another “off” moment: its image creation has been shut down after it generated Black and Asian people in Nazi uniforms.

Nex Benedict police interview released: Benedict’s account of the fight that preceded the nonbinary 16-year-old’s death indicate that Benedict and the other teens were all inflicting and receiving violence.

(cover photo features a Gemini-generated image of a Black Pope, and a depleted stream in Africa courtesy Choonga both through Wikimedia Commons)