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Amanda Green (aka Hugh Jindapants) helped co-found the I.C. Kings of Iowa City 10 years ago. Here, their decade of performing as Jindapants — a crass, showy, sneering display of toxic masculinity — is captured along with several highlight group shots of the I.C. Kings. Enjoy this stroll through the memories — then check out Green’s tribute to the groundbreaking drag king troupe, where they reminisced, shared some joy and pain, and encouraged fellow drag performers to use their voice to support social justice in the way their character and other I.C. Kings have for years. — The Editor


IC Kings World Pride Canada copy
The I.C. Kings during their trip to Canada for World Pride (photo courtesy Sara Tate)
Kings Promo pic courtesy of IC Kings
An earlier version of the “official” I.C. Kings. Clockwise from top left: Hugh Jindapants, Boi Jorge, Joey D, Matt Adore, Abel Justice, Varla, Franky D. Lover, and Wiley Guyote. (courtesy I.C. Kings)
additional kings 1
A later version of the “official” I.C. Kings:” clockwise from top left: Matt Adore, Tommi Boi, Joey D, Chey Boi, Abel Justice, Varla, Franky D. Lover, and Wiley Guyote. Not pictured: Toby Tongzhi
what does the fox say
“What Does the Fox Say” skit at Studio 13.
IC Kings stranger things by Sara Tate
“Stranger Things” show art by Sara Tate
Soccer Practice photo by Sara tate
Photo courtesy I.C. Kings
fundraising for the trevor project courtesy of IC Kings
A pic of the I.C. Kings raising money for the Trevor Project (courtesy I.C. Kings)
Two Ladies Caberet photo by Danforth Johnson
Photo by Danforth Johnson
Hugh by Tomeka Magnani
Hugh Jindapants performs along with castmates Cinnamon King (left) and Varla (right). (photo by Tomeka Magnani)


Hugh n Matt
Hugh Jindapants (left) and Matt Adore
Julius Fever and Cowboy Hugh
Julius Fever and Cowboy Hugh (photo by I.C. Kings)
satyr hugh and scott abigwun photo by danforth johnson
Photo by the I.C. Kings
Hugh and Julis Fever Bee photo by Sara Tate
Hugh Jindapants and Julius Fever Bee (photo by Sara Tate)


Hugh by Audra King
Hugh in character. Photo by Audra M. King
White Rabbit 2 by Tomeka Magnani
Another Hugh character. Photo by Tomeka Magnani
Super creepy photo by Tonya Kehoe
Hugh clowning while getting dressed backstage. Photo by Tonya Kehoe
Hugh practice by Chelsea Green
Hugh Jindapants rehearsing backstage. Photo by Chelsea Green
kids at pride
Amanda Green as Hugh Jindapants takes a moment to smile with a group of kids during one of many Iowa City Pride Fests graced by the Kings. (courtesy I.C. Kings)


Hugh with Jack Rabbit photo by Sara tate
Amanda Green (left) performs as Hugh Jindapants with wife Chelsea Green (right). Photo courtesy I.C. Kings
Baby Drag by Amanda Green
“Baby Drag” by Amanda Green, featuring two of their three children with Chelsea Green
Hugh and Knox by Chelsea Green
Green shares a fun pose with son Knox (photo by Chelsea Green).

Click below to read Amanda Green’s June 29 column looking back at the I.C. Kings, this year’s Pride season, Hugh Jindapants’ career, and the sensation of attacking toxic masculinity by portraying it satirically.

(cover photo by Audra M. King)